During the last French elections, I noticed that Google Earth had some interesting stuff that allowed you to visualise the electoral landscape. It was really neat. I assumed that it had been done by some French psephologist with a special interest in Google Earth.

Today, however, as I did a Google search, and my eyes lingered at the bottom of the screen where there was a link suggesting that I "Follow the Australian Election with our maps, videos, gadgets and more".

On Google Maps you can see who holds the seat in any location in Australia:

Image:Google goes local... politically

Or you can zero in:

Image:Google goes local... politically

The page that shows all of Google's Australian electoral information can be found here.

There are a number of gadgets of varying levels of interest:

News From Your Seat

Follow the latest election news from any House of Representatives seat.

Australian Election on YouTube

Watch the latest election videos from Australian political parties and Google's Australia Votes channel, on your Google homepage.

Australian MPs on the Record

Search Parliamentary records and MP homepages to see what MPs have said on the issues.

Australian Election Trends

See what election issues and politicians are hot in the news and on Google.

I think that it's nice that Google is prepared to be 'local' enough to offer these resources for an Australian election. It'll be interesting to see how far they take this: State Elections? Municipal Elections?

Google isn't the only site offering useful election resources. I'll make another posting soon with a collection of resources.

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Anthony Holmes October 22nd, 2007 06:46:58 PM

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