I've dithered about publishing my bird photographs from Mount Buffalo because I wanted to find my bird book to ensure I named each species. But I've spent a fortnight expecting the bird book would just appear before my eyes somewhere... and it hasn't.

So here, without the species names, is my Birds of Buffalo photo gallery.

Although lyrebirds are usually more visible after fires (because there's less undergrowth to hide them), I didn't manage to see any lyrebirds this year. I came close. On a walk up to the Monolith, young James (who was just ahead of me) caught a brief glimpse of one, and we could hear it scratching around nearby. It it was quite shy. Unlike this kookaburra.

The kookaburra was a real camera flirt. It came and sat on a large tree stump near our kitchen for about 15 minutes whilst I experimented taking photos of it from different directions. It then flew up onto a reasonably close branch so I could get more natural photographs. Of course, having a 300mm lens was a real help.


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Anthony Holmes May 16th, 2007 10:26:13 PM

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