I've posted a few photographs here that I took of the most recent Lunar Eclipse (28th August 2007), as seen from the centre of Melbourne.

The conditions were far from perfect. For a start, I was taking my pictures from the centre of Melbourne's CBD, so there was a lot of light pollution. In addition, the sky was heavily clouded. For much of the eclipse, the Moon was entirely hidden by clouds. ABC TV took their pictures of the eclipse from Sydney. I had no such option.

But at times the clouds thinned, and I struggled to take photos of a Moon that looked almost entirely black. But when the exposure was long enough to make the Moon visible, its colour, as predicted, was a bright red. I reckon the Moon looks more like Mars in this shot. I haven't turned up the colour on the photo you see above. It was red because the Moon was only being illuminated by that sunlight that refracted around the edges of the earth. Because it passed through the Earth's atmosphere, it was scattered leaving only red colours: just like a sunset.

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Anthony Holmes September 1st, 2007 10:36:20 PM

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