On this page I'm going to place links to books that I have read. The links go to another part of my web site (my Wiki) where I'll place brief reviews of the books.

This page will be updated as I finish books: but it won't appear at the top of my blog. So to see what I've read, you'll need to come back to this page (under the category "Books") to see updates.

The Caliban Shore; The fate of the Grosvenor Castaways finished 27th December 2006.

A.D. 500; A Journey though the dark isles of Britain and Ireland finished 29th December 2006.

Amo, Amas, Amat... and all that finished 31st December 2006.

A City Lost and Found; Whelan the Wrecker's Melbourne finished 1st January 2007.

By the way: on the basis of the first four books I've posted above, it looks as though I read a book every two days. I read quite a lot, but I'm certainly not going to keep that rate of reading going. I think I'm normally more of a 'one book a week' person. And less than that if I'm reading a long history.

Barbarians finished 4th January 2007.

Agincourt finished 8th January 2007.

A Long Way Down finished 10th January 2007.

The Smartest Guys in the Room; The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron finished 18th January 2007.

Lost in a Good Book finished 21st January 2007.

The Big Over Easy finished 24th January 2007.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side finished 27th January 2007.

Galactic North finished 29th January 2007.

The History of Britain Revealed; The Shocking Truth about the English Language finished 31st January 2007.

The Forever War finished 3rd February 2007.

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