Whilst walking around Melbourne to photograph pre gold rush buildings, I came across an interesting scene:

An Adverse Possession claim in mid stream.


Back in 1849, a person by the name of John Wollaston purchased a property off Little Latrobe Street near Exploration Lane. Then he disappeared. Possibly to a gold digging. (He bought the land in 1849, the gold rush started in later 1851.)

A little later (in 1875), a certain Ester Cohen bought a pocket of land nearby. Some time later, she also disappeared.

In the meantime, other people encroached upon their property. For some period of time they've been inhabiting the land that belongs to Wollaston and Cohen in a way that may be adverse to their interests. Specifically, they've erected a car port and they've been parking their car there... possibly ever since cars were invented.

So, if you are John Wollaston, Ester Cohen or (more likely) one of their heirs or successors, then you need to act quickly: somebody is claiming to have inhabited your land for at least 15 (or maybe 115+) years, and thus they want to claim it as their own. The sign is undated, but at most the Wollaston/Cohens have got less (probably much less) than 21 days to act.

Methinks they've left their run too late.

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Anthony Holmes October 9th, 2007 09:37:34 PM

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