I assume that what I'm about to claim here is public knowledge and not likely to get me locked up for any reason. And it may be my imagination: a claim with no truth at all.

Anyhow: Over the last few hours I've noticed a mini circular rainstorm (almost a cyclone) stuck exactly on Laverton airport. There's a tiny space with no rain and a scattering of rain that is white or the lightest blue colour. In theory it just extends to the Melbourne CBD, but I haven't seen a drop of rain, and the centre of the storm hasn't moved a centimetre in all the time I've been watching it.

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It might be a fault in the radar. Or it might be an unusual form of natural interference with the radar. But it occurs to me that it might also be part of the mechanisms used to protect valuable VIP aircraft being used by high profile US politicians against missile attacks etc.. Which is why I've named it Cyclone Hillary. We'll see if the storm leaves when she leaves.

(The biggest problem with my theory is that The Age reported that she touched down at Tullamarine, not Laverton.)

UPDATE: 8 Nov 2010 11:50am

I've reflected on this overnight, and unless chaff is being shot into the air in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, I can't think of a way that radar could be interfered with. So I'm guessing there isn't some super secret way of mucking up Melbourne's weather radar while a plane sits on the ground. Occam's razor tends to suggest there is something wrong with the Laverton weather radar. The circular "Cyclone Hillary" pattern extended for much of the night but has been fading today. You can now only see a faint impression of yesterday's unmoving rain storm:

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Anthony Holmes November 8th, 2010 12:51:50 AM

1) Cyclone Hillary
ian 17/11/2010 5:58:39 PM

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