No doubt there were planning notices put up before it happened. But I didn't notice them.

Anyway: this afternoon I noticed that the building (owned - or once owned - by Myer) on the south side of Little Bourke Street between Myer and the GPO had suddenly been demolished. Or almost demolished. The front fa├žade has gone. As at this afternoon all you could still see was the back third of the building, and a one storey pile of rubble.

No doubt it will be replaced by something with lots of glass and steel: and maybe some stylish cement sheeting, painted colourfully with a few follies to 'make it interesting'.

I'm a great fan of modern architecture.

(Just as Slartibartfast was a great fan of Science. Which is a rather obscure reference, unless you are familiar with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.)

Unless the new building has a 6 star energy rating and wins an architectural prize and interacts strongly with its neighbourhood, I'm going to regret the passing of this old neglected (long empty) building. It would have taken some work, but the old building could have been turned into something with character and the streetscape maintained.

Despite taking photos of practically every building in Melbourne, I seem to have missed this particular mid 1930s classic. Too late now.

So here's a photo of a heritage building in Sydney. (I went to Sydney for work in March.)

Image:Dingy Building Demolished: Do we care?

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Anthony Holmes April 21st, 2008 11:15:58 PM

1) Dingy Building Demolished: Do we care?
Frank 22/04/2008 10:45:36 AM

What a truly wonderful photo! You certainly are a smart bastard (with a very smart camera, too). Hope you and D are well.

2) Dingy Building Demolished: Do we care?
Anthony Holmes 22/04/2008 9:34:44 PM

What's not apparent is ...

a) The fact that I carry a heavy camera with a large sensor means that I can take photos at 3200 ISO (eg: in low light)

b) It's reduced in size and sharpened to hide the noise that remains, (even though my camera is pretty good in dark condtions), and

c) I took about 16 photos as our boat swished (unsteadily) past the Opera House. Most were blurred. But statistically one of them got taken at that sweet point between the upward and downward tilting of the boat, coinciding with a moment when I wasn't swaying due to the red wine I had drunk.

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