Our old dishwasher was increasingly causing problems. Well, one major problem: it frequently leaked.

It didn't necessarily leak every time that you ran it - but often enough that you had to expect it was going to leak. Unfortunately, it didn't only leak when you started it. Sometimes it leaked half way through a cycle. So we put a large baking tray was placed under the door, and every time I ran it, I waited until I saw the cats suddenly walk across to the dishwasher and look at it with interest. Or, more accurately, look with interest at the large and growing pool of water that formed on the floor as water missed the baking tray and started spreading across the kitchen floor. Copious numbers of tea towels had to be used to mop up the floods.

Whilst the cats thought this was great fun, I found mopping up the water steadily more annoying.

So we went and bought a new two drawer Fisher and Paykel dishwasher.

(Interestingly, the day after I'd disconnected the old dishwasher, and several hours before I started installing the new one, neighbours from the sixth floor (below us) came up and said they had water coming through their roof that afternoon. If they'd come upstairs with that complaint on any day over the previous few weeks, I would have *known* that the dishwasher was responsible. But due to a flukish bit of timing, I could confidently state it wasn't our dishwasher: so they turned their eyes towards the renovations happening in the apartment next door.)

Installing a dishwasher isn't especially difficult. Except that you find when you read the manual closely that there are lots of 'minor but important' points to look after. For example, did you know that the dishwasher has to be level with a slope of less than 2mm from front to back. Fortunately I had a spirit level, but I was surprised as to how sensitive it was to slope.)

Now that we have the dishwasher installed, the fact that it is a two drawer model leads to a magical (and untrue) impression:

It seems to take half as long to unstack. But it seems to store twice as many dishes.

This is despite the fact that it is physically exactly the same size as the old dishwasher.

The reason is that you can run the wash cycle independently for each drawer. So when you go to unstack it, it only takes a very short time, because you're only unstacking a single drawer. But when you go to stack it, you feel as though filling a single drawer is a 'full dishwasher' load.

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Anthony Holmes December 17th, 2006 05:33:27 PM

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