In truth, not Haiku: but SMS messages, which are also short, but perhaps not as pithy as true Haiku.

I've got some friends who have forsaken Australia for the last two weeks of the election to sun themselves in Hawaii.

They were taken by surprise when John Howard called the election on the last Saturday of November. (I'm not sure why: it was always a likely day.)

Anyway: they've discovered that the reporting of Australian Politics in Hawaii is about zero. Or maybe even less than that. They started missing the news.

They're not quite as remote as I was at the time of the election of December 13th 1975. I was 11. We were in the Philippines. Nobody had telephones. To put us even further out of contact, we were actually on a ship travelling between Manila and Cebu. We only found out the result of that historic election because there was another set of Australians on the boat and they had taken the time to quickly drop by the Australian Embassy in the minutes before the ship left to find out the result.

So that my friends don't feel completely cut off, I've started sending them SMS text updates on the progress of the election.

20th November 2007

  • Election Update: Barnaby Joyce promises to vote to reveal Workchoices if ALP is elected
  • Newspoll steady on 54%.
  • Howard visits Tasmania, but he's STILL not ready to open Mersey Hospital

20th November 2007
  • Car bomb found in Benalla. (*)
  • Locals forget to call Terrorism Hot Line.
  • Howard still losing.
  • Tampa ploy fails?

21st November 2007
  • Libs claim 13 candidates ineligible because the held Offices of Profit under the Crown.
  • Labor scoffs, but Wentworth candidate's eligibility looks suspect.

  • So Labor throws votes to the Greens and forms the first inevitable Labor/Greens coalition?

21st November 2007
  • Academic claims every Poll is seriously inaccurate. Telstra have been refusing to sell Reverse Lookup Phone Lists to Poll Companies.
  • Every Poll has same systemic bias due to three year old lists.

  • So how does he know which way the bias runs?

21st November 2007
  • Leunig cartoon today reads "Only three more sleeps".

22nd November 2007
  • Leaky boat arrives off WA.
  • Ties up near civilian ship.
  • Children in water.
  • Navy saves them.
  • Politicians don't say anything.
  • Issue disappears. !!

22nd November 2007
  • Libs caught dirstributing so called 'ALP' flyers claiming ALP support for Bali Bombers.
  • Howard condemns.
  • Labor candidate for Lindsay, D.Bradbury now favoured.

  • Did they not learn the lessons of Nunawading?

Footnote: (*) I edited this entry because the one I sent was actually wrong. I told them the bomb was in Bendigo when it was really in Benalla. I didn't bother sending a correcting SMS because I figured they wouldn't really care which of Victoria's "B" cities had a bomb.

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