At the risk of turning this into a blog about lightning, here's a second posting on the topic. This time I've got it in motion: six whole seconds of it! (Well, I didn't want to bore you, so I kept it short.)

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 26th November 2009) it suddenly got dark as clouds arrived. I had a look at the Met's radar, and saw a narrow intense band of rain coming across. On an impulse I guessed there might be a thunderstorm on the way... which is exactly what happened. See the news report of its impact here. I pulled out my camera and put it into movie mode.  

Click on the first image below to see the movie. I've slowed it down to 1/8th of its original speed so that you can see the forks of lightning. It's interesting to see how they build up, fade, reappear in a slightly different configuration, fade again, then reappear with a slightly more ghostly edging.

And in case your internet connection doesn't let you watch videos, here's a still frame:

Image:More lightning

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Anthony Holmes November 27th, 2009 10:03:07 PM

1) More lightning
Frank 28/11/2009 8:25:50 PM

That's great stuff Anthony - well captured. I love a good electrical storm. :-)

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