I'll post separately about New Year's Eve 2009/10. But for the record, here's a description of Oscar's exciting New Year's Eve.

Because of the rain on New Year's Eve, I took photos of the fireworks from our upper balcony. After they finished, I went downstairs and had some champagne with Dennis and watched the Graham Norton New Year's Eve show (rewinding it to get the bits I missed whist the fireworks had been happening).

After a while, Dennis's mother Monika and her partner Len arrived home from their New Year's Eve cruise on the Yarra/Docklands. We chatted for a while, and then Len went upstairs to get ready to go to bed. Shortly after, he came downstairs to say that he could see Oscar looking in through his bedroom window. (A bedroom window that is seven storeys high.)

This was Oscar's adventure: When I finished photographing the fireworks, I must have failed to shut the balcony door properly. (Guilt, guilt.) So Oscar, who loves the allure of the forbidden balconies, went out. So far, no danger. Then he saw a pot plant sitting on a trolley: with grass in it (a bit like the photo above, but out on a balcony). So he must have jumped up to have a nibble. He likes chewing on grass. And then he must have looked back towards the building and seen Len through the window of the room next door. Being the friendly cat that he is, he stepped off the pot plant and onto the edge of the railing so that he could see Len better.

Fortunately, with a little gentle coaxing from the balcony door, he decided to jump back down to the safety of the balcony and - a little more reluctantly - to come inside again.

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Anthony Holmes January 3rd, 2010 05:49:19 PM

1) Oscar’s big New Year
Frank 3/01/2010 7:50:54 PM

OMG! At least he's home safe and sound now. Had a lovely time with you two the other day, thanks.

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