A few weeks ago I posted about how we had started running around the Tan. I've now got a few stats as to how long it takes us:
Image:Roll on January 2010...
Each Saturday we are running a little faster than the previous Saturday. Each Sunday we run fractionally slower than the day before: presumably Saturday hurts us a little.

However, based on five weeks of running, I can now make a confident prediction. Based upon our current rate of improvement, we'll be running around the Tan in zero seconds by about 28th January 2010.  Woo Hoo!

Image:Roll on January 2010...
Dennis has found a site that records how long people take to run around the Tan here. It looks like a zero second circuit isn't possible. It's kind of reassuring that the fittest people can only do it at double our speed.  I doubt that I'll ever be able to do it in 12 minutes 20 seconds (the fastest time recorded in their 2009 records). But at least that makes my 24 minutes look 'slow, but not pathetic'.

The complicating factor here is that the Go the Tan people run clockwise, whereas we run anti-clockwise (because Dennis thinks that long slow uphills with a sharp downhill on Anderson Street is a more honest direction to run).

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Anthony Holmes July 27th, 2009 09:26:07 PM

1) Roll on January 2010...
Les Grand Ponteurs 29/07/2009 6:49:35 AM

The general consensus amongst the tan-running expat community of France is that the anti-clockwise tan-run is a more honest (aka fair) test of physical endurance.

Anthony don't give up so soon on the dream of the zero tan time. Even a parabola can reach zero (if you round down enough).

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