I started this blog at a time when I decided to take over 100% of the work of looking after my email and web site serving.

(Until recently my email was handled by me paying a small fee to NameSecure to have them look after redirecting users to my web site and redirect my email. They got very bad at this service, and then wanted to charge me more to do it properly. Memo to service providers: users don't feel happy about paying more for new services when you've been doing the old service badly.)

So I set up a mail and web server of my own. I realise that this doesn't have the multiple levels of redundancy that you find in a pair of corporate data centres. But I'll try to build it with a reasonable level of redundancy and failover. However: I hadn't predicted the point of failure that hit me over Christmas.

When I came back home after Christmas, I quickly checked and the server seemed to be running just fine. But I was surprised to see that three days had gone by and my anti-Spam tools hadn't had to do anything - and no mail had been delivered. It seemed unlikely that Spammers would take a Christmas break.

They hadn't.

All parts of my set-up were working except one: the Wifi card that my server uses to connect to the ADSL modem had stopped working. Who knows why. A restart fixed it. But now my list of possible failure points (hard disk, power supply, Domino server software, OS, ADSL modem, internet connection...) needs to have "Wifi card" added to the list.

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Anthony Holmes December 26th, 2006 07:03:27 PM

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