The manual that came with my Dexcom G4 Platinum is entirely accurate, yet it confused me.

Maybe only one person in a thousand will get confused in the same way that I did, but just in case anybody else Googles this, here's what happened.

I missed stopping a Sensor correctly.

As a Sensor approaches the end of its seven day life, the Receiver warns you. At the end of exactly seven days, the Sensor and Transmitter stop working. At that point you are expected to remove the Sensor and insert a new one. Entirely at my own risk I restarted the old Sensor and used it for a longer period of time. A while later, I noticed that the Sensor was skipping occasional readings, so I decided that it was time to remove it.

Since this was the first time I was replacing a Sensor I followed the instructions in Chapter 8 closely. I then followed the instructions in Chapter 3 to insert my new Sensor - again, literally. Here's where I got confused. I expected the new Sensor to show up as needing two hours to start up again. Instead I got some readings. Confused, since it hadn't asked me to do two blood tests to calibrate, I calibrated it anyway. I then needed to go to some meetings, and I spent the rest of the morning pretty confident that things weren't right: a feeling that was confirmed by drop outs and at one stage an hour glass appearing in the Receiver.

It was time for me to ring AMSL Support. (AMSL are the Australian distributors of Dexcom.)

  • My call was answered promptly
  • She took a chronology of what I had done and seen - I suspect I supplied some superfluous information about what I had seen and done, but she created a nice ordered list of what had happened.
  • Pretty quickly she identified the cause of my problem: I hadn't 'stopped' my old Sensor

The people who wrote the manual expected in Chapter 8 that your sensor would have stopped automatically at the end of the seven days, so they didn't mention stopping it. (OK: to be fair, there's a bullet point saying go to 9.6 if your session has ended 'early', but I didn't have a session that ended 'early'!)

Chapter 9.6.2 has a description of stopping the sensor. I had missed that. I had also missed the Stop Sensor option when I clicked around the Receiver's interface because it's down past the Shutdown option.
  • Trend Graph
  • Enter BG
  • Profiles
  • Events
  • Alerts
  • Settings
  • Shutdown <-- I only scrolled down this far
  • Stop Sensor <-- So I didn't ever see this option!

(By the way: I'd be confident that stopping the Sensor would have been covered in my initial training, I simply forgot where to look for the Stop Sensor option.)

AMSL Support was great: prompt, friendly, efficient and no fuss.

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Anthony Holmes May 27th, 2013 11:51:47 AM

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