Some art forms are odder than others. If you were to try to predict forms of cultural entertainment from first principles you'd predict many of them. You might assume that music will draw crowds. As would story telling (movies and theatre). Which might lead you to predict story telling with music: and thus you'd predict musicals.

You'd never predict the wobble board and nor would you predict Esther Williams style swimming movies like Bathing Beauty or Million Dollar Mermaid.

But you might predict the existence of tap dancing. If you were lucky.

As it turns out, courtesy of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and co., tap dancing has had a significant cultural impact. Maybe not as great as opera, but shucks... [pause to think about what I'm writing]... I'd better stop trying to weigh up the comparative impact of various art forms or I'll get into big trouble with somebody.

All of this is my typically discursive way of introducing the fact that in late December we went and watched our friend Annemarie perform in the end of year concert for Tap Patrol, a Melbourne Tap Dancing school.

I've got to say: the rythmn and movement in tap dancing is very enticing.

Some photos of the performance can be found in a gallery on my photo site.

(c) Anthony Holmes 2006
2006 On Tap! performance at Phoenix Theatre, Elwood, 16 December 2006
Annemarie is ninth from the left (!) in the black top with blue jeans.

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