Image:Who’s top cat then?

Today has been one of those days when you remember what winter is all about. As well as being freezing there has a been a light, but non-stop, drizzle of rain. The Bureau's radar shows that it is starting somewhere about Colac. I keep thinking that when the weather blows over from the west a bit, it'll soon stop. But in practice it has fallen on Melbourne for about 12 hours now. So it has been an indoor day.

The cats have acted as though they are trapped inside and going stir crazy as well. Molly started making a fuss near the fridge for a while: miaowing at first and then - somewhat dramatically - deciding to knock fridge magnets off the door. We eventually decided that she really wanted was to undertake one of her climbing adventures: so we lifted her up on top of the fridge for a while.

After we put her down again, Oscar decided he wanted to assert rights to being "top cat", so he climbed on top of the coffee machine, and sat up high looking all superior (whilst Molly peered wistfully around the corner).

After I took the photo, I loaded it onto the PC: at which point Molly came and sat staring at the big screen (between the keyboard and the screen) whilst I tidied up the image.

Oscar remained on top of the coffee machine. There's no point in surrendering your superiority, even after your "nemesis" has lost interest.

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Anthony Holmes May 17th, 2008 04:55:39 PM

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