Greg and Meralie purchased a house that came with its own cellar, complete with wine. Some bottles dated back to the 1970s.

The first three bottles that they had opened tasted rather naff. So it was with some courage that Greg opened a bottle of 1972 wine whilst we were there. And despite the fact that the cork disintegrated, it still tasted rather nice, even if it wasn't quite a Grange.

It was this bottle of Tulloch 1972 Pokolbin Dry Red. (The label stated that it was 738ml in volume - they had gone metric, but they hadn't yet changed the volume of their wine bottles from the imperial measure.)

Tulloch 1972 Polkobin Dry Red

(I've posted more photos from that lunch in this gallery here.)

A couple of days later, Dennis's mother Monika came to stay (with Len), and she came bearing a bottle of 1971 wine.

Before I knew what had happened, the wine had been opened, and I was sampling my second bottle of wine that was over 35 years old in a couple of days.

It was a bottle of Penfolds 1971 St Henri Claret, 1 Pint 6 Fluid Ounces.

Penfolds 1971 St Henri Claret

The Penfolds had survived very well: it was a very soft tasting wine.

Several weeks later, we took some old(ish) wine out to dinner with our friends David L. and Annemarie. Upon seeing our wine, David thought he had a bottle of the same wine in his wine collection. He couldn't find the same wine, but he brought out a bottle of Penfolds wine from 1973. By that time, Penfolds have gotten into the swing of metrication: the bottle was the now standard volume of 750ml.

I'm kind of glad we didn't drink David L's wine: consuming three wines from the early 1970s within three weeks would have been more than a little excessive.

It does, however, establish a point: if I simply buy enough wine and put it aside eventually (after about 35 years) it will have turned into 35 year old wine. My current wine buying, cellaring and drinking policy leads to me drinking wine that is 6-15 years old. Maybe I should aim for longer.

Ummm. I've just worked out that I'll be 78 in 35 years time. Hmmm. That's a scary thought. OK: I think I ought to still be able to enjoy some old wine at the age of 78. Or maybe it will be discovered by the people who buy my house after I die. Hopefully they will appreciate it, just as we appreciated the bottle that Greg and Meralie "inherited".  

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Anthony Holmes June 19th, 2007 09:45:42 PM

1) Wine from the early 1970s
mama 4/07/2007 7:26:08 PM

hi anthony, you never know who finds your works.

i,m sure you didn't expect to find these comments


regards monika

2) Wine from the early 1970s
Anthony 6/07/2007 4:44:11 PM

It's just as well I liked your 1971 wine. If I had complained that it tasted awful, I would have been in trouble when you came and read my blog!

(It really was extremely nice wine. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.)

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