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8.5.2: How many fixes?

Anthony Holmes  23 August 2010 09:12:22 PM
Notes Domino 8.5.2 will be released shortly. Does it have an unusually high number of fixes?

The Fix List currently shows 1498 fixes. A quick look shows that only 8.0.1 had a larger total number fixes (with 2156). So it seems like a lot.

But Maintenance Releases are not released on a regular basis, so the raw totals can be misleading. Here's a breakdown that takes the time between releases into account.

First, the raw number of fixes in each Maintenance Release (disregarding the Fix Packs) look like this:

Image:8.5.2: How many fixes?

When we factor in the number of days between each Maintenance Release, the number of "fixes per day" looks like this:

Image:8.5.2: How many fixes?

This second chart provides a rather different impression: 7.0.2 and 8.0.1 were the releases with a "big" number of collected "fixes per day". Perhaps you can over analyse this data.... maybe 7.0.1 only had the high urgency fixes, and routine ones were held over for 7.0.2 released quite soon after - so it has an "unfair" spike. Logic suggests that there were a good chunk of fixes that needed to be delivered after the substantially new 8.0.0 Eclipse client arrived, via 8.0.1. But it seems that things have settled down towards a more usual pattern following 8.5.0's release. 8.5.2 is closer to the long term average, (but nonetheless, it's still just a little higher).

Here's my raw data (using exact release dates for the recent releases, and the 1st of the month for the older releases, and dd/mm/yy formatted dates). Feel free to comment if I've made any silly mistakes in compiling the stats.

Image:8.5.2: How many fixes?
UPDATE: Typo corrected 10:54pm 2010-08-23 Original wording of third sentence originally incorrectly referred to 8.0.2 instead of 8.0.1.